Sista Caro

Been 20 years in the sound system culture of Paris, this woman is also known as the first France dubpoetesse. She travelled the world widely spreading her music and message.

Sista Caro keeps sharing her Rasta spirituality and Nyabinghi aesthetics for more than 30 years after learning them from Rasta elders. As a singer she has a strong and sweet vocal character. Her works range from mystic chants to militant poetry. It is a positive energy since the call for global justice, equality, fraternity, and love for life are messages she keeps on spreading from Martinique, Jamaica, Ghana and also Europe. 

African sound and Satta Massagana are among others of those who inspired Sista Caro. She’s been involved in so many music festivals and world cultural celebrations like EWF in France, Ambassa, Noel Ethiopian, Rasta Market in St. Pierre-Martinique, Hamburg, Italy, Greek, Switzerland, Spain and even Jamaica.

Sista Caro has released her trilogy “First Fiya, the beginning of faya” –  “2faya, di faya bun,”“Trinity faya, as long as there is an amber.” A collaboration album with various singers from around the world entitled “Sista Caro Inity chapter 1,” and then “Jekos and sista Caro in Creative Dub,” as well as an LP “Bandulu Dub and sista Caro in slow motion, her collaboration with a producer and a special dub act from Portugal music imprint Dandada Records.

As a dubpoetesse, sista Caro has also released many of her poetry included in her discography. One of them is “the journey of the ark,” where all the sales gains are donated to the Rasta elders in Ethiopia. 

Now, sista Caro is making her music project with her son from the outfit “Mystiroots Hi Fi” that will be released in the near future. 

Follow these links to get the latest news from sista Caro:
Website || Facebook || YouTube

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