About Us

Kultur.media is an Indonesian based Jamaican Music fanzine. This site started by two Jamaican Music fans from Jakarta-Indonesia. Those two backed by a web developer from Lampung. Later, they also got additional help from another fan of Jamaican Music from Papua. Sharing their fondness and likeness (about Jamaican Music to their own fellow Indonesian based Jamaican Music Fans), is the idea behind this site. Without a manual book like “101 Writings for the dummies” (amateurs), this web serves you a couple stories from the record stack they have instead, the memorable sing-a-long chant they hummed after the gig. The Voila! Moments they got when reading a lit or watched the flicks about Jamaican Music. And rewrite a little “Questions & Answers” notes with their own homegrown and heavyweight worldwide scenesters as well.