KunoKini ft. Dani – Anak Panah

From the very first breath when Vinicius-Jobim-esque appears through the guitar chunk, “Anak Panah” already puts us on a plane seat while listening to the flight crews announce that we’ll be taking off very soon.

Mouth Trumpeting melody lines whispers to us, “Don’t worry about the critical 11”. Officially, we’re en route to space.

LIke Sting with his Montserrat upon “fragile”, KunoKini serve us a stylish dimension of their own contemplative track.

Without swirling drone synth, fancy gong sound, or overused reverberate instruments. Gracefully, this duo succeeds to provide the meditative ambient to the listeners, deeply, highly!

After his mouth-trumpeting, Bhismo Solemnly pleads the dialectical lyric about divine relinquishment. Dani, the guest singer, provides a role to seduce us to bow and stand up to give an “Amen!” all through this 7 minutes composition.

SokoGuru, a self-made (432Hz straight frequency) instrument (that KunoKini always use, their signature) infused the classy percussive stuff and wisefully combined with lazy-yet-catchy bassline. Bebi drives and leads SokoGuru very divinely, reminds us about “Nyabinghi drumming”.

The warmth from the audio department is another feature that gives us a reason to pick “Anak Panah” as our fav tune for this month. This is song will take us out to the space to contemplate and chillaxing our hidden discomposure. With an arrow, alongside KunoKini, to the space we go!



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